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JTP Wellness focus on the total health of an individual. It's not just about the physical aspects but a multi factorial process of physical psychologically and mentally. We are aiming for quality and together we walk a path with each client. A healthy body houses a healthy mind and spirit. We teach you to make smart choices. We teach that thoughts and body go hand in hand and that physical health effects your emotions, finances and spiritual life. Your body is valuable and you are the manager of your body.

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The Medi-Lean Weight Loss Program is based on the HCG diet developed by Dr. A.T.W Simeon. He found that HCG helps the body to release excess fat,  hence releasing the calories for your body to use as energy. Some of the benefits of HCG include not only fat loss but also a positive effect on mood, increased energy levels, relief of body pains, decreased migraines and resetting the metabolism. By making lifestyle changes, following a healthy diet and supporting your body with the correct supplements, you will be able to maintain your healthy weight forever.


HCG and a very low-calorie diet assist the body to normalise abnormal Leptin levels (a hormone that plays a very important role in fat metabolism and satiety.) The added benefits are that HCG also helps to improve other moderate hormone imbalances.


With the modified Protocol, you should be able to lose between 6-10kg of fat per cycle. If it is difficult to stick to the protocol due to hunger or cravings or you tend to lose less than this whilst sticking to the protocol 100%, it may  be an indication that further investigations need to be done to eliminate other metabolic imbalances or vitamin, nutritional or mineral deficiencies. Please discuss this with your weight loss doctor. The Modified Protocol consists of a course of HCG injections administered for a minimum of 4 weeks to a maximum of 6 weeks. Your body tends to develop a resistance against the HCG injections after this. A wash-out period of 2-6 weeks is necessary to rinse out all HCG from your system, after which another course can be administered.

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